iOS 10.2 jailbreak 64-bit devices

At this time released semi-tethered jailbreak for few devices. This is only available for iOS 10.2. Also this is not working with iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. And also not for iOS 10.2.1. This is Full guide to jailbreak your 64-bit device. I tested this on my iPhone 5s.

First jailbreak is compatible only with following 64-bit devices.

  • iPhone 5/5s/SE
  • iPhone 6/6plus/6s/6s plus
  • iPod Touch 6G
  • iPad Mini 2 / Mini 3
  • iPad Air/ iPad pro


  1. You need following requirements to get started.


2. Great. Now you have all what you need. No let’s move on next step.

You need to setup following things before jailbreak.

  • First you need update iTunes to latest version.
  • Then make fully backup of your device from iTunes.1
  • Turn off find my iPhone option until finish full jailbreak process. After jailbreak you can re enable that.


  •      Turn off touch id and passcode



3. Jailbreak process step by step

  • Connect your iOS device to computer.
  • Open Cydia Impactor tool2
  • Now select cydiajailbreak.ipa file and drag and drop it to cydia impactor3
  • Now Enter your Apple id and password in following text boxes4
  • Wait it to complete
  • Now you should trust app Settings > General > Device > management  Now click trust
  • Go back to your device home screen.
  • Now open yalu102 and tap go button
  • Normally showing error messages ‘this may slow down….’ and you will see ‘storage full..’ or some. then device will be restart.
  • After reboot your device Cydia has appeared on your device.


Now You have successfully Jailbroken your device .




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