Cydia Errors FIX with yalu jailbreak

This post is for to fix errors after jailbroken devices from yalu. After Jailbreak Cydia not opening/ Crashing/ Tweaks not downloading and for all


Now let’s start process.

  1. Install and open iFunbox5
  2. Go File Browser> iBooks
  3. Now extract CydiaFix
  4. Drag and Drop the file named ‘lib’ from Cydia fix to iFunbox¬†7
  5. Now open Cydia Impactor and drag and drop iFile.3
  6. Enter your apple id and password  .4
  7. Wait it to complete
  8. Now you can see iFile on your device. just open it and navigate to this directory (/var/mobile/Media/Books)img_0005
  9. Cut lib file from here and paste it on here (/var)img_0006
  10. Now reboot device and open yalu jalbreak and just tap go button. Then cydia should work.

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